Head of Service Delivery Group

Business Operations Customer Service/Customer Support/Call Center
Services Advertising/Marketing/PR/Media English: Fluent

Company Overview

Our Client is the pioneer of Creative Process Outsourcing (CPO) in the Philippines. Unlike most providers of digital services, we adopt a process-oriented approach: providing efficient, reliable and scalable solutions to implement our clients’ marketing strategies. 

Over the past seven years, we’ve tested and tempered this approach, learning from our partnerships with HubSpot, Google, and the IBPAP, and from our collaboration with clients. We take pride in supporting industry leaders. We bring together award-winning creativity, technological capability, information security and operational systems and processes to translate our clients’ ideas into effective campaigns and marketing collateral.


Position Title   :

Head of Service Delivery Group

Department     :


Reports To      :

Chief Operating Officer

Type                :

Full Time Position


Job Summary


The Head of Service Delivery Group (SDG) serves as the manager and leader of a team of Business Unit Heads – Managers with their own P&L’s.  It is the Head of SDG’s role to develop these leaders so they maximize their leadership potential and achieve the goals of of our comapany through their teams. 

 As part of this process, the Head of SDG will make sure that the Service Delivery Group is strong in all the 6 key components of our business:  vision, people, data, issues, process and traction. 

 Finally, to advance in his or her managerial career, the Head of SDG needs to identify, train and develop the next leader of the team.


Core Functions


  • Vision: ensure that the company’s vision is understood and shared by the entire Service Delivery Group.  By vision we mean both where our comany is going and how it plans to get there. 
  • People: that everyone in SDG shares our core values (Right People) and that they are in roles that are suitable to their strengths and their skills (Right Seats).  Our Head of SDG needs to make sure that his or her team members GWC their seats:  that they Get it, Want it and have the Capacity to do it.  
  • Data: ensure that the SDG team’s performance is being monitored using an appropriate scorecard designed to drive performance and goal achievement, show important trends in our operation, and ensure that every member of the team clearly knows how his or her performance is being measured – i.e. everyone has a number.
  • Issues: ensure that all issues in SDG are captured in an Issues List and that at least 1 hour per week is dedicated to solving these issues following the EOS IDS approach.
  • Process: ensure that the most important, most value-adding processes of SDG are identified, documented and packaged to be followed by all.
  • Traction: allow for the seamless execution of work within SDG by ensuring that the group’s priorities are set and clarified every quarter, and progress against these priorities reviewed every week through weekly Level 10 meetings.  Any scorecard or priority that is off track should be identified as an issue and ranked in order of priority during these Level 10 meetings.  The most important issues should be analyzed to identify the root cause, options are discussed and a solution is identified.
  • Coach SDG leaders to master the 6 key components of our business and the tools that they need to use to be strong in these key components.
  • Decide on regional and international events and competitions for the Group to participate in to either bring-up the Group’s skill sets or bring up our company’s standing in the Creative and Creative Process Outsourcing communities.
  • Ensure the profitable operations of SDG based on the budget and profitability targets set for the year.
  • Act as an expert consultant of the Business Development Group for strategic projects.
  • Submit weekly, monthly and other required reports to the COO.


Required Qualifications



Bachelor’s / College Degree





  • At least 10 years of experience in leading a dynamic operations leadership team in the same industry; or a service industry with similar characteristics
  • Extensive sales operations and account management experience
  • Should have experience working on P&Ls; Must also have experience in resource planning & forecasting
  • Exposure to social media/digital marketing is required/non-negotiable; web development experience is an advantage
  • Solid years of experience managing managers/dept heads
  • Foreign client interface experience specifically US and UK
  • Ability to strategize and influence team members to embrace changes in the organization
  • Experience in goal-setting with a history of achieving set goals through his/her team.
  • Experience in operations planning.
  • Experience in recruiting a mid-management team.
  • Experience in coaching and mentoring young leaders successfully.
  • Experience in conflict management & resolution.


Desired Attributes: OM Profile


Qualities Non Negotiable:

  • Strong problem solving skills
    • Critical thinking skills (9/10)
    • Very good decision-making skills (9/10)
    • Adept at quickly identifying and articulating problems, bottlenecks, disconnects, roadblocks and barriers.
    • Great at taking ideas and effectively initializing plans to make them a reality.
    • Great at choosing which options are the best priorities for the organization.
    • Naturally analytical, skilled at deductive reasoning, and highly adept at implementing solutions.

  • Strong communication skills
    • Very good verbal and written communication skills (9/10)
    • Excellent listening skills (9/10)
    • Really good at translating the company’s vision into something others can understand and get on board with—laying a solid foundation for execution.
    • Embrace and enjoy the role of ensuring that SDG is aligned with the company’s Core Values.
    • Embrace and enjoy the role of ensuring the communication is effectively flowing across the organization.
    • Very good interpersonal and team skills

  • Command leadership
    • Good at (and get a rush out of) being provided with a company vision, and then turning it into something real.
    • Great manager of people.
    • Natural perspective is oriented toward things that are internal to the company -  i.e. Getting the house in order/ship-shape
    • Embrace and enjoy the role of providing leadership, management, and accountability for the company’s Operations Leaders

  • Strong operations skills
    • Highly organized (9/10)
    • “I love running the day-to-day of the business, and take great pride in making sure the trains run on-time.”
    • Recognize the need for operational policy, structures, and repeatability to make the Vision a reality. Our Head of SDG is able to define meaningful rules and put them in place – without slowing things down and while improving efficiency.
    • Naturally thinks about the present, what needs to happen now, and how to keep everything on track for the future vision.
    • Embrace and enjoy the role of effectively integrating all the major departments and functions of SDG.
    • Embrace and enjoy the role of effectively resolving cross- functional issues, making sure they are harmoniously integrated and orchestrated.
    • Embrace and enjoy the role of ensuring adherence to our core processes and operating system.
    • Can handle pressure while remaining calm and composed

  • Highly accountable and responsible
    • Comfortable being held accountable, and holding others accountable. Our Head of SDG sees the value in creating the infrastructure for accountability across the organization, and is comfortable putting this in place.
    • Embrace and enjoy the role of executing and delivering P&L results.



  • Smart
  • Goal-oriented and focused
  • Firm with decisions 
  • Willing to share and open to ideas  
  • Responsible
  • Positive attitude
  • Adaptable to change