Our executive recruitment track record in each sector includes the following successful placements in the Philippines:


Asean Integration brought several International Foreign Banks to the Philippines and we were selected to assist a large Japanese Bank to fill up various key positions that will help them start up their first big branch here in the Philippines. We were working directly with the Financial Controller and two other Japanese expats. Our first assignment was to fulfill the Head of Human Resource position. We were able to identify three key profiles and after two months in the process, our client identified one who was very fitting for the role. The candidate has a strong background in organizational development, talent development, talent management, performance management, succession planning, employee engagement, compensation and benefits, payroll and benefits administration, job evaluation, organizational design, manpower planning, coaching, recruitment, HR risk management, labor and employee relations, employee communications from a local and foreign bank.

Our client was very happy in the turnaround time of delivering the right candidate and from then on we were successful in placing other positions in HR, Relationship Management for Corporate Banking, Compliance, Credit Risk and other positions for Operations. We continue to serve them and help complete their hiring requirements.

One of the biggest Japanese banks that entered in the Philippines was expanding and looking for Relationship Managers who will service the needs of their Japanese clients here in the country. This search is not an easy one since they are looking for Relationship Managers that have experience in Corporate Banking and the candidate needs to speak and understand Nihonggo. Not a lot of banks in Manila have a Japan desk and the pool of experienced bankers with the right language skills is so minute. But due to hard work, perseverance and diligence, we were able to create a short list where the client was able to hire their Relationship Manager.

Business Process Outsourcing

We started solidifying our BPO practice late of 2015. In just a span of 5 months we already attained several milestones. Late last year, we convinced a large global FMCG company to establish their shared services arm in the Philippines. Backed-up by data, we proved them that we have enough talents in the Philippines that are qualified enough to perform the jobs.

After a few months, they announced that they will push through with the changeover. We helped them fill-in 80% of the vacant spots in spite of competing with 5 other search firms.
We were commended by the HR Business Partner during our weekly calibration meeting. We closed a total of 30 positions across functions and levels in a span of 5 months

A large US bank is transitioning most of its IT processes to the Philippines. They launched the PH operations for technology department mid of last year.

In spite of entering the game late with our competitors executing the search ahead of us for months; we still managed to close out a Head of Project Management search alongside with several Project Manager positions.
We were commended by the Chief Admin Officer for delivering quality talents and for selling their brand well. He asked us if we can bring in more of them.

We were commended by a start-up HRPO company’s Deputy CEO for closing their hard-to-fill roles. We successfully placed their General Manager who came from a large and well-established multinational company. We also positioned their Financial Planning and Analysis Manager whom we’ve hired within a month. The most exigent search we’ve done for them was the Technical Director search. The challenge was, they weren’t so sure about the kind of profile that will work.

We came to the rescue and endorsed 3 candidates. We closed the search within a month.


The contact for the account was to be the Philippine partner of a successful Singapore-based private equity (PE) group.  The person was a highly qualified candidate for another search firm who candidly admitted later that he subjected himself for interview “just to check out what the competition was doing” and not to get another job.  He liked how we represented the client and eventually engaged us to help build the management team for its start-up renewable energy businesses in the country.  In 2013, the Renewable Energy (RE) industry was dominated by the major local energy and infrastructure companies; attracting talent from these major players for the start-up biofuel, solar, wind and hydro companies in the portfolio of the PE firm was decidedly going to be a huge challenge.

Despite the odds, the team proceed with the requirements. We were introduced and worked directly with the Senior Founding Partner and a Director to source the pioneering leaders for the bioenergy company.  The mandate was to hire qualified leaders with exceptional spirit and can do attitudes for building successful businesses and teams.  The Client’s direct recruitment experience indicated talent from big players were not particularly receptive to the uncertainty posed by start-ups and to the lean organization structure envisioned by the PE.  With our help, Client hired Executive No. 2 and within two years, that candidate proved effective in helping close local funding partnerships and setting up the PE’s Philippine operations.  We have successful executive positions in the finance, business development, project management and legal functions sourced from energy as well as non-energy corporations; they are now placed in the Client’s various companies and renewable energy platforms.

We continue to work with the Philippine Managing Director, Biofuel CEO and with Business Operations Executives of head office and have ongoing senior searches for the RE companies and the shared services unit of the Client.


One of our newest clients, a Global Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company, sought our help in assisting them to fill their Head of Information Technology (IT). The goal was to find a “Female” candidate who will not just match the skills sets required but most importantly, someone who will be just right for the current team and culture. The challenging part was that most IT professionals are male. Client’s reason was to add diversity in the team. In sourcing, we had a hard time looking for females who had a strong background in leading a big team, has led projects in migration, systems integration, network and administration, project management, IT Infrastructure, Data Center Management and at the same time has worked in a regional scope as well. There were only a few of them who had at least 80% of the requirements.


No one was identified from the initial 3 strong profiles presented not even of the second batch of 3. There were several changes on the requirement that led the search for 3 months. Several follow up and calibration happened. Finally, one candidate profile matched. She was the last candidate from the several pool of candidates sourced. The Candidate came from a large IT Firm (software and hardware). Passing all the interviews, the client was very happy to have hired her. To date, our candidate shares about her joy joining such a big and prominent brand in the consumer industry. She is also happy how she was properly and carefully handled.

We were able to fulfill a Chief Finance Officer (CFO) mandate for one of the top local food and beverage companies with rapidly growing international business. The consultant who handled the mandate was aware of the long hiring process of the client. But the CFO post was taking more than the usual cycle time to close a position. So much so that it has taken almost 9 months to complete. The client was very particular with the qualifications and experience they are looking for. They also made sure that a healthy number of executive team was able to interview the candidates.


The challenge was how to keep the candidates warm for such a long time. The shortlisted candidate already found a new job but was still very interested in joining this prestigious company. As the hiring process dragged on, the shortlisted candidates had already been subjected to the extended 60-day resignation notice period in his current employer. And at some point, the same candidate expressed his intention to withdraw his application. Through maintaining open communication lines with the candidate and proactive meetings and call with the client, the candidate was reassured that the client is serious in hiring him despite the extended resignation notice period and that the client is also assured that the candidate will readily sign once the final job offer is presented. After the final interview with the President of the company himself, everything flowed smoothly. The successful candidate was very excited to start his meetings with the executive team even before his official start date in the company.


Client needs a candidate with strong industrial sales background and wide array of network in the Visayas and Mindanao Region. Since the role is going to be based in the province, we had to be creative in sourcing potential candidates but the real struggle did not come from identifying candidates but convincing them to explore this particular opportunity as our client’s presence in Cebu province is not as strong as compared to their presence in Metro Manila. Another challenge was scheduling them for interviews. Overall, we feel that the biggest factor that contributed to this success was conscientiously maximizing and exhausting all sources vis-a-vis understanding deeply the intricacies of the mandate against the candidate’s motivation and career aspiration. We were able to close this search in less than 2 months

We have closed a Technical Project Manager search for a multinational company engaged in power transmission and rail infrastructure. It was a challenging search because of the technicalities involved in the desired skill set was demanded by the client. As this was the case, we had a lot of calibration meetings with the client to get a full understanding of what they really need and match it with the candidate’s skills and competencies. This search took a while hence keeping the candidates warm is a bit difficult. They key is to stay focus and never give up.

We have recently placed the HR Manager for one of our multinational clients in the industrial sector. This requirement has been on-going and was assigned to another vendor, several months prior to our engagement with the client. The approach we took was targeted sourcing vis-a-vis the requirements of the client. In a span of three weeks, with 4 candidate endorsements, the client extended a job offer to one of our candidates. Completion of the required documents and other prerequisites took another week and the candidate was on-board a month later, after rendering her notice period.


Our client, a large multinational company, is engaged in diversified businesses along the lines of entertainment, theme parks and movies. They are looking for a Category Manager for their Hardlines product suite. This client has had successes in hiring talents without engaging a Philippine executive search firm hence, it was a challenge for us to win the deal. Through our professionalism and track record, we were able to get the search mandate. The search was challenging since the candidate must have a sales background but in licensing and supplier management side. The client is not selling consumer products but the license and most of the profits come from the royalties that the suppliers pay the company. To add more with the challenge, most of the Category Managers are selling consumer products and not licenses. However, after carefully qualifying and profiling candidates, we were able to present strong candidates and nailed it.

NPO’s/International Government

We had the pleasure of working with an agency affiliated with a foreign government. They are looking for a Trade Representative to open an office in Manila. It was a very challenging search since they wanted someone who has both experience in investment opportunities in two countries. We were able to get a mix of local and expatriate talents who have share the experience and knowledge in investment activities. The client was able to hire from the pool of candidates presented to them and was truly impressed with our professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness in presenting qualified candidates and providing assistance to them in profiling the candidates. Further, the client has no previous knowledge of the market here in the Philippines. By our success, they are now considering to work with us for future positions.


One of our key clients, a multinational pharmaceutical company, requested our services for an External Medical Consultant for their metabolic therapy area. As an executive search firm, we don’t normally engage in project-based assignments. However, we made an exception and took on the challenge. To date, we have successfully placed 4 EMC’s in various therapeutic areas with one EMC being considered for a permanent position with the company.

We worked with a Europe-based pharmaceutical company for a Business Unit Director position. This client is known for their high regard for integrity, ethics and very strict hiring process. The client interview process is tough but their reference checking process is even tougher. A thorough reference check needed to be done covering most of the previous employers and even the current employer of the shortlisted candidate. To make it even challenging, the consultant in-charge was specifically tasked by the client to call the President of the current employer for further reference check on a weekend without prior meeting set. It was a tall order but it had to be done. The consultant, through sheer grit and confidence, had to make that call. He was able to have a very pleasant and fruitful conversation with the President. The final reference check report submitted to the client was at least 10 pages. It was a success for both the recruitment team of the client and the consultant. It was through team work that all critical references were completed. After a year in the company, the successful candidate was able to grow the business unit and things are looking very bright for the years to come.

Real Estate/Property Management

We had a confidential search with a European-Headquartered global provider of business services. The Search was for a Head of Human Resources. Our goal is to present profiles of candidates with strong HR Generalist background. After submitting several strong HR candidates who were meticulously interviewed, no one was shortlisted. We were almost running out of candidates to present and we were the only search partner for this confidential search. After 2 months in the search, we found one perfect candidate who was from an MNC IT Company who passed all the regional interviews. Unfortunately, after presenting a very good offer, the candidate decided to stay within her organization—a sudden change of mind from the candidate after covering all her motivation to proceed in exploring. Finally, closing the third month, we were able to identify someone from the energy industry which was a least likely industry. After all the offer negotiations, the candidate has accepted.


We partnered with a multinational luxury fashion company. They needed someone to fill a very critical client facing role. This person will bring in and retain loyal brand patrons. The person who previously assumed the role is not easy to replace as she is already very well associated with the brand , people from the retail industry know her, and key clients loved her too. Our client got a replacement for her, however, things didn’t work out well hence, she did not last long in the organization. It’s important to note that another search provider was also working on the mandate several months ahead of us and we were able to fill the role within two months only. We were successful at getting someone right because we look beyond skills. The lady candidate we got is compatible with the brand as she has a very amazing personality, the right network and influence in the industry. Above all, she is a fitting brand ambassador of the world leader in the luxury retail space. Our successful candidate and our client company are indeed a match made in heaven.

A key player in the Philippine retail space has reached out to us to assist them in looking for a senior executive for the operations arm of their business. Our client carries the finest international brands in fashion and lifestyle. They were looking for someone who already mastered how to set order, standards, and properly run chain of stores nationwide. We were able to fulfil the search mandate within three months only.
In the retail industry, such senior positions take time before getting filled. Industry know-how, proper client representation, and good candidate management skills made this search easy to close. Our Executive Search Consultants showed the potential candidates both the good side and challenges of the company they represent. The person we placed accepted the role not just because of the reputation and the brands under the organization; she also looked at the challenges of the organization and the role positively as it will give her a lot of opportunity to show what she got. Our successful candidate is still happily connected with our client company for over a year now.


We were referred by one of our regional offices to hire a Country Head for a start up on line travel company in the Philippines. It was a new industry to work with for the Philippine team. The team had to map out companies in the same industry as our client. It is a very competitive and very exclusive industry. As expected from a newly set up company, the hiring process took longer than usual. The challenge was in keeping warm the candidate that the client had shortlisted for the role. Due to the protracted hiring process, at one point, the shortlisted candidate expressed his intention to withdraw his application because he doubted the client’s seriousness in hiring him since it has taken months for the next steps to be firmed up. Through consistent and clear communication efforts with the client and candidate, the latter put his trust in the client.
After going further in the hiring process, the candidate readily accepted the job offer. He is now proud of his employer and within less than 6 months, he was able to grow the business from a one-man to a team of over a dozen. The company is now making its name known in the Philippine market.