Skills of the Future: 10 Skills You’ll Need to Thrive in 2020

Undoubtedly, the recruitment landscape will be very different in 2020 than what it is today. From the technology up to the process, the pooling and hiring of people will have drastic changes.

While you are preparing for these changes, especially with executive recruitment, applicants should also keep themselves afloat around tougher competition.

Advanced technology such as robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace the human workforce in some of the careers present today. However, applicants have nothing to worry. Surely, new markets and new careers will arise by 2020 and this will open dozens, if not thousands, of career opportunities. This will require new skills, too.

It might be a mundane skill now, but creativity will spell huge changes in the future. It’s the ability of finding what can work in randomness and abruptness. Robots and AI work in order and organization, and analyzes data to come up with a result. However, it cannot build on a single idea to flourish to a polished idea.

You have to remind yourself that robots and AI only process the data that you program it to do. It means that it’ll only process whatever you give it. In human creativity, a sit-down meeting or collaboration fosters, builds, and develops ideas. It goes without saying that it increases team camaraderie and human connection in the company.

Furthermore, creativity doesn’t stop at ideas. It also highlights various approaches to a certain situation. It’s about making do with what you have also known as resourcefulness. Applicants in future have to be flexible, too.

In this infographic by Guthrie-Jensen, learn the different skills that will be very useful in the future. From complex problem solving to cognitive flexibility, it explains what each skill will bring to the recruitment industry by 2020. These are types of skills that cannot be programmed through codes and algorithms.

About the Author:

Jomel Alos is a Consultant at Guthrie-Jensen Training Consultant, a management training and consultancy firm in the Philippines. He enjoys sharing his knowledge on human resource solutions, as well as helping businesses achieve greater growth, competitiveness, and profitability. When he’s not working, he’s watching TV shows about designing like Tiny House Nation, Forged in Fire, and Ellen’s Design Challenge.